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For the past 80 years, Master has produced high-quality beard and hair care products by combining original formulas and crafting processes with new technology and top-tier ingredients. This combination allows for Master to not only successfully serve the modern gentleman, but to keep up with him.

Our story begins with a naval officer in 1935. In order for his crew cut to withstand his active days on duty, he created Krew Comb. And with that, he created a barbershop classic. Since then, times have changed, but our craft has remained the same. All of our products are formulated, produced, and packaged in the USA - because as an American classic, we intend to stay that way.

Master 1935 - Dave Duz It Quote
Some of the greatest learning opportunities come from uncomfortable situations. Being successful will require you to step out of your comfort zone; embrace these opportunities as new learning experiences. A true master barber seeks growth wherever possible!
— Master Barber, Dave Duz It @dave_duz_it

A barbershop look doesn’t have to come from one. When it comes to choosing the best beard and hair care products at home, you can trust Master.

Master - Trusted Since 1935

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