Master Well Comb is a traditional all American manufacturer, only producing the highest-quality men’s grooming supplies since 1935. To this day, Master Well Comb withstood the test of time and stayed True-Blue to our American Company roots.

Following our foundation, many other manufacturers began using lesser-quality and cheaper ingredients, many of which have now been found to be harmful to your skin and hair. We don’t believe in making anything other than the best. Each formula we use is made with top-tier ingredients simultaneously keeping the safety of our consumers and environment as a top priority.

There is no question as to why we have been a barbering favorite for over 80 years. We have taken note of each trend and style throughout time for the American Gentleman, which is why we have one of the most extensive and variable product lines on the market.

From our top-selling Krew Comb to the first ever Barbersheen spray; all of our products all share one thing in common: unparalleled quality.

While consistency is key and we pride ourselves on original formulas, our research and development team is constantly creating new products to meet the need of the modern men worldwide.

Based out of Chicago, Master Well Comb continues to bring classic barbershop favorites back into the market. Our mission is to continue supporting each generation of gentleman.

Master Well Comb – High Quality Men’s Toiletries Since 1935.
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