Master Well Comb


Heritage Collection - Limited Edition

Heritage Collection - Limited Edition


The Heritage Collection features; (click on products listed below to find out more)

- Krew Comb

- Master Pomade

- Master Wax

Our classic styling products are made for the true gentlemen. Diverse in any shine or hold to achieve any look desirable. Our formulas have been favored by barbers around the world for over 80 years. All products are alcohol-free and water-based for easy use.

Try all three, just make sure to tell us which one is your favorite!



Krew Comb

Can be used on wet or dry hair. Apply briskly with finger tips and brush or comb into your desired style.


Can be used in wet or dry hair. Take a generous amount and warm up with your hands. Work through hair starting with the roots and shape hair into your desired look. 


For a strong matte finish apply to dry hair. Spread a quarter sized amount in your hands then work evenly through hair into your desired shape.

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